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About Halloween Arkanoid 2

Arkanoid is a retro arcade game that was one of the most famous games in history. Now Arkanoid came back on desktop devices with beautiful Halloween design! Enjoy all 150 unique levels and epic game features!

Every fifteenth level is special, because it has a boss. Every boss has special abilities encounter themed bosses as bats, ghosts, witch's, zombies and much more. 

For help with clearing bricks, all levels have special power ups. You get power ups from destroyed bricks and when you have almost cleared level. You can find power ups like exploding ball, laser, special large ball, shield and more.

During playing you will discover amazing locations. Every location contains 3 beautiful backgrounds from places like mysterious graves, dark castle, abandoned farm, witches meeting... so you can enjoy great mysterious/Halloween mood. 

The whole game is fast and contain fun destruction, so you can enjoy brick breaker in a arcade style!

How to play?

For move the bar use the left and right arrow and click the space bar to launch the ball. Click on pause and you can in setting change the difficulty between easy, medium, hard. You can also set the sounds and music off / on.

Game features

√ 150 unique levels
√ Amazing places like castle, cemetery, abandoned farm and much more!
√ Fight against epic bosses
√ Ultimate destruction & Awesome power ups
√ Stunning graphics
√ A lot different type of bricks
√ Perfect Halloween mood
...and much more!

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Game is now available only on Google Play and Steam, where is latest updates(https://store.steampowered.com/app/979450/Halloween_Arkanoid_2/)

Something is very weird.

The browsing shows that the game is free:  Browse Mode

And the itch.io app also shows the game is free at the bottom; but there's no 'free' download available:  Demo or Full Game?

Would just like to know if this game is free or paid or what.

Hello, this game is now on sale - 100% off.  

I see there is some issue, miss download button..idk

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Im sorry for issues, now its available for download. Thank you for report! :)